Perfectly Perfect

Perfectly Perfect

I’ve probably made it pretty darn obvious that I love the bright side.
I search for good in every single situation that comes rolling my way.
Stay positive, baby.

But today, I am treading into Negative Nellie Land.
This doesn’t happen very often so hold onto your hats my peeps, cause …
oh boy.
goooooo ….

I am not a fan of Holiday Year in Review letters.
In fact, I dislike them immensely
& when I receive them, I often roll my eyes and moan.

It’s true.
I do.

I’m talking the ‘everything is always over the top perfectly perfect perfect’ letters.
The family is gorgeous, the vacations fantastic, the second house sensational, the new car phenomenal
& so on & so on & so on.

Those letters.

My problem with this type of holiday greeting ?

It is IMPOSSIBLE for everything to always be so flawless.
It’s not feasible. It’s inconceivable.
Dare I say, it is preposterous ?
It goes against the law of averages is what it does.
A bad year has to occur sooner or later.
It just must.

For example, 2014 was a very good year around here.
Good stuff happened.
2015 ?
Although it’s had it’s share of beautiful moments, it will not be running for Best Year Ever.

Uhhhh , sorry 2015.
You just won’t.

The good news though, is a good year or two always offsets a dud !
It’s called Life
& that’s just how it works.
Good thrown in with a few not so goods.
It all evens out in the end.

Please forgive me for doubting your yearly wonderful letter friend, but things just can’t continually be so absolutely unblemished.
Not every single year.
It’s the law of averages, my buddy.
The. Law. Of. Averages.

& it’s ok to admit to a not so good year.
Go ahead.
Throw a few negatives in with all those positives.
I promise, I’ll still love you.

Sometimes it can be quite a stinker.
I encourage you to enjoy it, treasure it and pleasey please please, Infinitely Perfect Letter Writer
Just ONCE …
Tell me alllllll about that dud.


I Am My Feelings