I was born and raised by very proud and loyal Catholic parents.
My family was in church every single Sunday
& my siblings and I spent many hours in our Catholic elementary and middle school.
Catholic education was a very important part of my youth
& I have many fond memories of Our Lady of Grace.
Go Knights !

I sure don’t know why but, for some reason my 8th Grade Graduation keeps popping into my head these days.
Not the whole day, just one certain part.
I remember walking into church and being greeted by Sister Humberta.
She was a gentle lady, a very loving person and teacher.

Sister Humberta smiled, hugged and wished me well
& she asked what plans I had for my future.
I don’t remember what I said.
The shy, adolescent me stammered something totally irrational, I’m sure.
But, I do recall Sister Humberta saying she always thought I would become a nun.

Now, she might have used that line on every girl who walked into church that day.
Who knows ?
But, those words have been stuck in my brain for years.

I walked out of O.L.G.’s doors that day and went on with my life
& never even considered becoming a nun.
Me ? ? ?
That’s just weird.

Lately though, I’ve been thinking about ‘what ifs and would I’s’.
What if I had taken Sister Humberta’s cue and had become a nun ?
Would I have enjoyed that life ?
Would I have been a good nun ?
Would I still be ?
& most importantly, would I have wholeheartedly walked the religious life walk ?

Maybe it’s because the older I am getting the more spiritual I am becoming but, the wiser me hopes I would have been the very best of the best.
Because this me feels if I had felt the ‘call’ …
I mean really, truly felt the ‘call’ …
I would have tried to be the happiest, sun-shiniest, little nun the world had ever seen.

Think about all of the spiritual people in your life.
Those who have Reverend, Father, Preacher, Sister, etc., attached to their names
& those who don’t.

The ones who TRULY feel the love in their hearts and are TRULY walking the walk are the jolliest people on this entire planet.
These special beings are singing the joy of everything, every single day.
Continually dancing the dance of happy.
No need to wonder because it’s there.
Right there.
You can feel the love that surrounds a truly spiritual person.
& that love is continually shared because it’s so very easy and so completely natural.

Sure makes me wonder.
About me.
About people I know
About humans.

I would hope that, had I gone on to become Sister Jacqueline, I would have talked the talk and unquestionably, wonderfully, joyfully walked the walk
& that I’d still be sharing that love.

I sure hope the Jacki I turned out to be has done the same.


I Am My Feelings