Forrest & Friends

Forrest & Friends

I’ve seen a black squirrel on my walks lately.
That’s unusual for these parts.
We have grey ones.
And yes, they are cute in their grey little way but, have you ever seen a black squirrel ?!?

People walking the trail will stop dead in their tracks and say “Hey ! There’s a black squirrel !”
It’s that cool.
Pictures have been taken.
Crowds are gathering.
He’s reached celebrity status.

My dad walks the trail in the mornings so I asked if he had seen the black squirrel yet.
I think he thought I needed new glasses.
“A black squirrel…?! ….there’s no black squirrels in these parts…”
Then he saw the little guy.
He believes.

So as I’m walking by the black squirrel the other day I see him sneakingly crawl under the fence and head for the main road.
Breaking out of the joint is what he was doing.
I wanted to stop him and tell him the woes of life in the big city.
& as I thought “Come back”  in my Rose / Titanic voice, he scurried away.
Maybe fame was just too much for him to handle.

There will always be a home for you at our park little black squirrel.

I continued walking.

There is a man who runs the path.
I see him quite often.
He looks like Forrest Gump so that’s what I’ve named him in my head.
Forrest and I usually travel  in the opposite direction but, lately he has shaken things up.
He’s a counterclockwise guy now.

So Forrest runs by me.
He nods his head my way like he does.
Immediately after Forrest passes me a fawn darts out of the woods and follows him.
Forrest had no idea that a fawn was gleefully running behind him.
But, I did.
It was awesome !

I grabbed my phone to take a picture but, my fumbling fingers weren’t fast enough.
The moment was gone.

I continued walking.
Happy critter thoughts were now in my head.

As I finished my walk it hit me ….
A man named Forrest
A lovestruck fawn
A runaway celebrity squirrel.

There HAS to be a sign, story or song in there somewhere !