Training Camp

Training Camp

I Love Football.
Love Love Love It.

Chicago Bears Training Camp begins today and I’m so happy !
Football is back.

Yay ! ! ! ! !

I’m embarrassed to admit this, but there was a time when football really didn’t matter to me.
That hurts.

The games were on the tv every week.
I would ask the score and pretend I cared.
I really didn’t care.
Shame on me.

I’d go to an occasional Chicago Bears preseason game.
I’d drink my beer, eat my hot dog, cheer when everybody else cheered.
Yeah…it was fun… but …eh …not really…
That’s so wrong.

But then one glorious day I went to a ‘real’ Bears game.
Regular season.

My life was forever changed.

There are no words to describe the joy of a tailgate and the excitement of a game when the score really matters.

It is awesome ! ! !
I love it ! ! !

Love. It.

And it all begins with Training Camp.
And that’s today.

Yippee ! ! !

BEARS BABY !!!!!!!!

I Love It !!!