Remarkable, Indeed

Remarkable, Indeed

BIG HUG repeated because today is

Spaghetti Day

& I know, oh, I know,

You’re There

♥ enjoy ♥

A remarkable concurrence of events or circumstances without apparent causal connections.


I’d say that’s a pretty good definition, Google.
coincidences ARE pretty darn remarkable, aren’t they ?
But for me ?
I call them signs.


On the day she left this life, Family and I were gathered, trying to make some sort of sense out of what just happened and how in the world we would handle anything and everything without her.



You can’t be gone.
You CAN’T.

Somewhere in the mix of tears, decisions, emotions and conversation, Dad mentioned a long ago picture, his  favorite, by the way, and maybe if we could find it ?
He hadn’t seen it in years, often wondered where it could be, but now, if only we could find it.

OK, each of us replied, as we were familiar with the image he spoke of, but where ?
WHERE  ?!??
We’ll look, Dad, we promised, sure that one of us would locate it.

As that day moved along and we huddled, hugged, cried and talked, Little Sis and an old sweatshirt happened into a conversation.
She wore it all the time ! Remember ? Any chance it still exists ? Could it still be around ?

Uh-Huh ! I exclaimed
& I knew exactly where it hunkered.
Down those stairs I trotted to the memory boxes Mom and I had placed on a table so, sooooo many days before.
She and I had sorted and purged and organized that treasure trove known as our basement and placed the most priceless items into labeled containers
& I knew for certain, Sister’s weathered sweatshirt was there.

But, what’s this ??!?
Sitting right smack dab in between Little Sis and Big Bro’s box.
DIRECTLY and unmistakably RIGHT THERE to be excitedly discovered at that precise moment, was Dad’s  favorite photograph of his Lorraine
& words cannot describe the stunned look of delight on my father’s face when I said, here you go.
To this day, we cannot figure out how that picture showed up then, there.

Oh, Mom.
You’ve been dropping your delightful hints for years now
and it truly comforts my heart to be absolutely convinced, where you are, you are fine.
So, soooooo fine.

The scent of spaghetti sauce at THE most random, but perfectly perfect time
or her perfume magically enveloping when needed most
those songs
or Did you hear that ?? I swear I heard her voice
the dreams, those wonderfully awesome DREAMS
the clouds
the butterflies
the brief, passing touch
the quiet
the silly
the feels
the memories
the understanding

We call it our Sign Book
and I highly recommend.

Write it down.
Write it down.
I promise, you will be AMAZED at how alllllll those little, bitty coincidences add up to

A remarkable concurrence of events or circumstances without apparent causal connections.

Remarkable, indeed.

Thanks, Mom.


I Love You Too