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Barefoot is the most common term for the state of not wearing any footwear.

Wearing footwear is an exclusively human characteristic, however some animals held by humans are also issued with footwear, such as horses and, more rarely dogs and cats. There are health benefits and some risks associated with going barefoot. Footwear provides protection from cuts, abrasions, bruises, and impacts from objects on the ground or the ground texture itself, as well as from frost or heat burns, and parasites like hookworm in extreme situations. However, shoes can limit the flexibility, strength, and mobility of the foot and can lead to higher incidences of flexible flat foot, bunions, hammer toe, and Morton’s neuroma. Walking and running barefoot results in a more natural gait, allowing for a more rocking motion of the foot, eliminating the hard heel strike and therefore generating less collision force in the foot and lower leg.[1][2]

Thanks, Google. I needed that, because I could spend my whole entire existence on Earth, barefoot.
I love life without shoes.
Love. It.

Who needs them ?
Certainly not me.

These feet would rather be free
& since my work is and has been within my home for many, many years, I really have no need for shoes.
It’s what I do.

My feet have become quite accustomed to life without constraints .
They are tough little dudes.
Nothing fazes them.
Rocks ?
No problem.
Twigs and sticks ?
Sun baked sidewalks ?
Bring it.
I often joke, I could probably walk across a bed of nails with these babies.
That’s how tough we be.

uh huh

There’s just one itsy-bitsy, teeny, tiny problem.
It’s called cold weather.

The minute a cool breeze comes-a-calling my feet turn into whiners.
waaaaa !! cover us !! we’re FREEZING !!
Two pairs of socks & heavy duty slippers usually keep them satisfied.
Most days, I let them have their way because they are so rock solid, loyal.
But, c’mon !!
To go from ruffian to fragile in a matter of weather related moments ?
I thought I raised them better.

I’m sure there is a happy, comfortable compromise my feet and I will figure out some day.
Until then, they will continue their Jekyll and Hyde roles.
Summer versus Winter
Tough Guy versus Complainer.

But if I have anything to say about it ??  and, by golly, I do !! we will remain forever shoe-less.


It’s the way these feet were meant to stay.