YaY Words

YaY Words

Yep. There he hunkered yesterday morning, all snug as a bug on a laptop screen. And why I snapped this pic is still a mystery. A voice within insisted I might want this image, so click, I did. I shooed him away a time or three, but back he came, confidently reclaiming his spot. And I thought about squooshing, but nah, in the quiet of the early a.m. it was he and I, coexisting, so, yeah, I left him be. And as I sat there, trying to find syllables for this place called blog, I found myself staring at that creature, instead. And as the world twirled about, with it’s constant noise and distractions, there we were, an insect and a human, contemplating next.

Somewhere down the line, he flew away and I went about my day. A walk in the park, cutting of grass, giggles with neighborhood kids, yes, good, it was. Never did conjure up any sentences though, for elusive, they sometimes are. And as I search, again, this morning, my mind takes me back to that not so zippy, zippy guy and that ever present wonder of why …

Tiny me.

Tiny he.

Had our encounter occurred at any other moment in time, swat, swat, grrrrrr !! swat !!  But today, I’m writing about this fly and I

& YaY,



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