My promise to me, as I set my sights on what I’d love to accomplish in this brand new 2022, is to read, read and read. And if asked, I would happily declare my favorite hunker down books are absolutely


no doubt about it


Why ?? Because they remind, they ignite, they shout from the rooftops the possibilities of CAN.

Oh Yes I Can

But for a long while now, the voice inside my head has been whispering, get yourself to your local library and dive back into autobiographies !!

& YaY, she knows me so well.

Discovering the story behind another someone’s travels upon this planet is something I’ve always found FASCINATING. How they went from Point A to Point B, C, D and E, their highs, their lows, their this and that’s, their zig when they could have zagged.


But as I check my short list of life stories I’ve already uncovered

I wonder, how’s about someone I’m not all that in-tune with, someone with a completely different mindset ??  What about those who take a dark path, who have placed spite and selfishness and ugly above all else ?? hmmmm ?!?!? What about them ?? Can I, shouldn’t I read their tale too ?

& then I think of the book I reach for most, with it’s sentences highlighted and the words Love. Thy. Neighbor. As. Thyself. embedded in my soul, and for the umpteenth time, I ask … I suppose this includes the neighbors I’m not particularly fond of tooooo ??

UH-HUH, comes my forever answer,

As I welcome autobiographies back into my life, as I begin this journey of ok, I’ll give those with different opinions a try, I’m hoping the old adage there’s two sides to every story holds firm and my eyes are wide open to both. And love all neighbors as I love myself, I promise, I will try.


With You For You And You