Without Words

Without Words

I stumbled upon this inspiration the other day

& I thought ! WoW ! if that don’t say it all. ‘Cause I know I’ve gone idle, my friend, our daily talks are just not happening the way they were and I really can’t figure out why. Seems I’m choosing the hush, the still, the nonvocal over my constant yapping to extremely patient You.

And that’s the thing, Jesus, I know with YOU I find the safest, most awesome, most sincere place for my hopes, my prayers. my thoughts … but again and again I find myself straying to the noise, lost in the busy, unaligned and cluttered up and shhhh.

just shhhh.

oh, how I adore the simple tranquility of YOU, where focused I become, stronger I feel, where everything and everyone slips away and reminded, I am.

Yep, my Jesus, without words is where I find myself these days, but within Your promise, I’ll forever be

& ahhhh.

Thank You for the silence.

My Friend