Being Bright

Being Bright

To my right was a smidge too loud tv, set upon a station of insistent news, with the smiling yappers of doom and gloom doing their best to remind me of the need to be afraid.

Directly in front of me stood the coffee cafe with it’s enthusiastic employees, devout patrons and pleasant music

& on my lap, sat the book I finally found my way back to reading and  ahhhh, time to enjoy.

The thing with me though, whilst embedded in a story, I adore quiet and at this particular moment in time, my ears could hear only the continual NOISE from those bellow-ers of dismal

& ugh. 

Great, just GREAT, I thought as HOW MANY TIMES, HATE ??!?? How many times ??!? rumbled through my brain.

Don’t. Trust. Anyone.

Be. Angry.

Remain. Panicked.

Stay. Mad.

You are such a  a broken record, Hate and I am beyond tired of your words of wrath & um, BREAKING NEWS, fella, YOU disgust me in ways I find appalling because you have this slithery, sneaky way of  tapping into an ugly portion of my being and in my revulsion, a revelation of how easy it is to be swallowed up inside your despicable muck.

But then I snap out. I wake up. I turn away.  I S T O P myself from falling into Hate’s pit. I consume a healthy, cleansing breath of refocus and I place my heart on TRUST and FAITH and HOPE

& lo and behold !! as if on cue ! ! a snappy little tune beckons me to notice !! and paragraphs of delight spill from the pages of my paperback

& you’re right, Love

I’d rather be bright.