Betcha Betcha

Betcha Betcha

They swear I place the ornaments in the same spot Every. Single. Year. and a million bucks says, if we lined up allllll the pictures of alllll the festivities surrounding that pine, I would be amazed at my mirror-image, magical, duplicating abilities

& hmmm

Maybe. Maybe not. But when one participates and eventually takes over the reins of this annual, yuletide event


suppose I kinda, sorta, could of, may have fallen into a mish-mash-y, kaleidoscope-y pattern of adorning and ummm, is it just me or does everyone trim their Christmas tree into well-organized, little villages ??

For example, the part of the evergreen nobody notices unless you happen to have your face plastered against my front window is where the Not So Pretty But I Don’t Have The Heart To Throw Them Out Because Of Their Sentimental Value guys live. You know the ones, those elementary school memories, those here you go !! just because I love you, forever tugging at the feelz, childhood gifts

& ahhhh, they get me again and again and again so errrr, I’ll quietly set you old-timers here, waaaay out of the way where no one can see and I !! promise !! I will separate and purge after the holidays.

uh huh

Or how’s about those heavier ones ?? Naturally, they have to live at the bottom of the spruce
& the prettier, brand spankin’, souvenirs of places I love ??  well of course they must be scattered here and there to happily show off their pretty newness
& those just tooooo darn cute dingle-dangles are ALWAYS front and center and the How’d I Get Two Of These Twins are unfailingly separated because I figure they can use some time apart and the and the and the

ok OK. It’s. True.

& D A N G

I’d sooooo be a millionaire had I simply placed that bet.

!! 🙂 !!