Beautiful Sameness

Beautiful Sameness

Early afternoon Monday, three days before Thanksgiving, exactly one month until Christmas
and a steady stream in, a steady steam out they came and went with gratefulness ruling the moment.

Welcome ! Hello !
How are you today ?  Thanks for coming ! are the genuine words said over and over again

& ! YaY ! how wonderful !
Busy people, taking time to offer a portion of themselves
& as I cozily went about my own donating, I took notice
& yep, Different was everywhere.

Different shapes.
Different ages.
Different colors.
Different backgrounds.
Versiti Blood Center was bustling with a cornucopia of different.
Different individuals with different stories who stopped what they were doing this day, to give.

Human beings handing over their most personalized gift. The very same gift.
A gift of red.

Funny how it all comes out red.
No matter where a someone originates, or what they look like, or what they say, or what they do, or what they have, or what they don’t have …
Our blood just happens to be that always agreeable, forever united, crimson.

♥ Oh, Beautiful Sameness ♥

What a cooperative quality to share.