I’m hoping to see her again.
She’s been grazing my yard for a few days now.
Early morning and early evening.
Quietly, stealthily she appears, does what she needs to do, then disappears into the trees.
She is a doe
& she doesn’t know it but, she unassumingly brightens my days.

This is the time of year deer show up in my backyard.
Now through the middle of July, sometimes August.
Like clockwork, there they suddenly are with their annual appearance.
Such beautiful creatures.
I often wonder where they go and what they do when they are not within my eyesight.
They obviously still exist.
They are out there, somewhere
& just because I can’t see them …

As I was walking my counterclockwise walk recently, I came upon a clockwise walker.
She was lost in her music and was oblivious to what was slowly creeping up behind her.
Four big trucks had appeared on the trail.
They had been in the park doing their worker things and were maneuvering their way out as slow and steady as they could muster.
Music Girl had absolutely no idea the trucks were behind her
& when I alerted her to the fact they were trying to inch around she snapped out of her blissful trance and laughed, laughed, laughed.
She thanked me a few dozen times between giggles, the truckers moved along and Happy Music Girl and I parted ways
& I thought, just because she couldn’t see those vehicles ….

I woke up this morning with a wonderful feeling of Mom.
She had visited my dreams and left me with such a loving, hugging, caring warmth.
I knew it was her, I felt it was her
& there is absolutely no doubt in my mind, she was most definitely here.
& I’m gently reminded, again.
I don’t need to see, to know.