So there I was, walking on my treasure of a walking path, enjoying the quiet beauty of nature when I couldn’t help but notice.


Two robins. Two ducks. Two whatever kind of bird that cute little guy and his pal are, two deer, two people, two squirrels & hmmm. Did I miss the ‘Couples Only’ memo ?? and gerrr, ok then, yeah, well, that’s all hunky-dory lovely and all but, what’s going on ?? Where is everybody ??

& then I stumbled upon this guy

and I thought, HEY !! Wait ! What ?!??! That’s not supposed to happen ! Geese travel in packs, they have buddies, they’re team players ! where’s his partner ?? and better yet, where the heck is his gaggle ??!?

& to be honest ?? I felt sorry for him. I did !! He was the odd man out. The ‘gee, I guess nobody likes me’ guy. The ‘I’ll just go it alone’ dude and truth be told ?? My heart softened a bit.

Well, only a little, bitty bit, the other part of me smirked and danced and silently shouted ‘HA! Not so tough anymore are ya, fella ??!’ Because a goose with his posse is a zillion times more intimidating than a single stray. Without his gang of enforcers to back him up and egg him on ? He was nothing but a critter at a crossroad. Errrr, which way should I go ??

& then, my wonders took me to bullies.

Yep, bullies.

A lone tormentor doesn’t really happen all that much, now does it ? Seems there are always others hovering about, a crowd of wannabes and admirers, those encouraging, taunting, helpers of ugly. Take away the empowering many, place that showboat in a completely and totally by himself spot and …


& well, it’s not like I would ever wish harm upon a solitary creature but, as I stepped left and he waddled right, I couldn’t help but giggle. So long, Big Shot.

But, yeah ….

by the time I made my way back to the nestling, love-fest of two, two, two’s ?? My heart kinda sorta wept for that unaccompanied fella and I’m honest to goodness still an itsy-bitsy amount of very concerned about his welfare

& I know this says a lot about the nicey in me

& I know this says a lot about the mean in meanies

&, well,


I’m sure there’s an awesome lesson to be learned somewhere between those two, parallel standpoints.

I just haven’t figured it out yet, Nature.