But Wait

But Wait

Anyone have a 9-volt battery ? I’d like to see if this still works

& for you youngsters out there who might be wondering ‘what the heck ??’ Welcome to my Back In The Day !!!

This, my youthful peeps, is a transistor radio that was quite literally attached to my every teenage move as it fit on my wrist and on my arm and into my hand as if it were custom-made especially for me.

But wait, there’s more …

It opened up and twisted around and was seriously one of the coolest devices I have ever owned and if that yellowness could talk … ooooooh, how I wish that yellowness could talk ….

& yep, you guessed it !! I stumbled across a treasure trove yesterday evening as I was searching for that elusive something else and weeeeeee ! It’s ME !! My yesterday me !!!

Look …

My spilled 7-up can ! & no, I cannot count how many times Brother and I thought we were soooooo hilarious by leaving it in those perfectly synchronized places … haaaaaa …

& look !

It’s the camera I (aka Mom) won for a 6th Grade Favorite Place To Visit In Indiana writing contest


My Bobby Sherman book !! ♥ !! and isn’t he just the absolute dreamiest ??!!??


My very favorite notebook filled with alllll kinds of wonderfully confused adolescent thoughts

My Love Is My Bag, bag !!

ummmm. I can hear what you’re thinking and no, I don’t know why this memory box of mine still exists and yes, I realize I most likely, probably, but I don’t wanna !! for sure will have to part with most of these dear old friends but, but ….

But, it sure is nice to see that the half-grown Jacki and the old(er) Jacki were on the same track, that I haven’t change allllll that much and yep, Bobby Sherman still owns that itsy-bitsy corner of my heart.


I wonder if he read my ♥ letters ♥