Daughter and I took a walk recently
& it was great.
A crisp, late Autumn morning with crunchy leaves and determined colors to enjoy.

Life = Good.

As we were sitting in the car preparing for the briskness, we noticed a man.
He was by himself, bundled up and ummm, we whispered, very overly coated.
Because it was cold but, not that cold
& hmmm.
Why is he just STANDING there ??
Looking. Around.

Daughter and I concluded the man looked suspicious
& yes, we better watch out for THAT guy.
Because … you never know.

As we got out of our car, this wrapped up too warmly person moved to a different area but, he was still just THERE.
Looking. Around.
He’d casually ‘pretend’ to be bending and stretching
but, uh huh.

“You think he’s waiting for someone?” we pondered.
He looks like trouble
& you better watch it, fella.
We know your kind and we’ve got your number.


& so, with hands clenched and ready, we cautiously walked.

It wasn’t crowded in the park, only a few people scattered here and there.
Once in awhile, a smile or Good Morning would cross our path.
Eventually though, we spotted HIM
& errr, guess what ?
His friend had arrived and together, they offered Daughter and I the happiest Hellos ! of the morning

& after seeing that big grin face looking back at me I realized, hey !! I know THAT guy.
I see him almost every time I walk.
He’s a Happy.
A Happy who happened to be very bundled up, patiently waiting for another Happy.

You know what they say about ass-u-me ??
I felt terrible !!
I thought horrible thoughts about this wonderfully nice person before I had one, single fact.


The good news is, Daughter and I received a valuable lesson and wonderful reminder that frosty day.
We knew nothing about this kind soul !! yet, we thought we had him allllll figured out.


& yep, it sure makes me wonder what he assumed about us …