! ! Hello Two ! !

! ! Hello Two ! !

& have I mentioned how very much I adore you ??

I do.

Why ??

Because you’re bold. You KNOW you can climb those steep stairs allllll by yourself or place your body upon a much too high chair or run down that incline as fast as you can with no concerns about a tumble or fall. You see others do things like this all the time and by golly !! you are bound and determined to accomplish.

I applaud your independence, Two but, ummm, you’re TWO, so please tolerate that few steps behind you adult,  just in case.

You’re also sassy and a bit on the stubborn side, Two. !! NO !! means NO and according to you, it’s as simple as that !! and although some may deem you selfish as you insistently exclaim !! MINE !! in your eyes, you are merely showing  the pure exactness of what you want. So. There.

Kudos to the double down stance, Two.  I dare anyone to try to change that mind.

AND you are curious, Two. Very. Your this and that and that and this and over here and over there and stop and notice and studies of EVERYTHING continue to amaze me. You seek, you find, you adore and you cherish, Two

& that’s cool. Real cool.

Oh, Two. You and your mimicking ways truly own my heart, your repetition tickles my soul and your genuine, no holding back, absolute love is gold.

You are here. You are !! YOU !! so BIG HUGS and many cheers to holding tight to your unique wonderfulness and delightful abundance, Two. Yes, you can be a handful but please, don’t ever change.

! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !