A few months ago, a special someone I know handed me some very wonderful words.
“Hey, I have this idea …”
& right then,
right there,
I was beautifully reminded.


ahhhhhh, LIFE !

Welcome to my brand new website, courtesy of a determined individual whose circumstances and situations placed him and his journey right smack in tune with mine.

Isn’t she PRETTY ??!??

& just so you know, yes !! I AM filled to the rim with joy !! as I have waited for this moment for quite some time.

You see, the trouble with me is, I write.
I love to write.
Seems it’s all I want these days.
write, write, write
& sources who know things tell me that’s all fine and fine but, there is so much more that I can and should be doing !!  you know, self promote and all that other kind of stuff
& I think,
They are correct.
I really should follow up on that splendid advice.

I don’t.

I write

& that inner voice I’m forever listening to ?
My Oh Yes I Can drum-beater ?

shhhhhhhh, she continually hums

It will happen as it is supposed to happen.
It will be exactly how it is meant to be.

I shhhhh

and I write

those people ?
They come.
The places ?
& the stars !!?!!
oooooo, those stars.

Today, I need to thank all of you amazing souls who are here to help me accomplish this dream.

Our paths have crossed for a reason,
our timing remains perfect
& with your continued support we will arrive.

Welcome to our new space, my friends
We’ve launched

and fyi ?
You can expect great things because I sooooo trust our journey.

! ! YaY ! !