The label clearly identifies their name but, Family and I beg to differ.
We call them Huggies.
Foil Top Huggies
& I never realized, until recently, how very much I love those miniature barrels.

Google informs, they first came into existence in 1974
& I say,
“yep, Google. That sounds about right.”
They have been around for as long as I can remember, through my teen years and beyond.

Niece, Nephews, Son and Daughters took a special hankering to them.
Call it a poolside plus whilst swimming at Grandma and Grandpa’s
or an added bonus to that anytime, all the time “are you hungry, Honey ?” query from the woman who needed their bellies to be continually full.
Huggies always hit that warm and cozy spot.

But, truth be told ?
I haven’t thought about them in y e a r s.
That colorful fruit drink exited my life awhile ago, replaced by fancier, trendy brands
so when Nephew asked if they could be included in our annual Spaghetti Day Birthday Dinner for Grandpa ??  my initial reaction was, ‘do they still even make Huggies ?!?’

I was thrilled to discover they do.
They do.

We Huggie toasted Grandma that night as her presence in her dining room was so wonderfully obvious.
An overflow of love was felt throughout, brought to us by a little lady and a Little Hug
& as I welcome this brand new today, I am reminded, once again.


It’s here.
It’s there.
It is so delightfully everywhere.

! ! Cheers ! !



I Am My Feelings