They’re Back

They’re Back

& truth be told ?
I did not miss them.

But there they sit, propped up in their high and mightiness.
Quietly staring.
Intimidating my every move.


oh &
just in case you’d like to know the absolute, very worse thing about them ?? I’ll tell you.

It’s me.


I allow this.
I give the go ahead.
I am ok with the second guessing and their doubtful infiltration into my brain
& the more I think about them and what they do to me, the more I am convinced.

I’m talking Geese.

The gander have returned to my walking trail and have ever so boldly reclaimed their territory
& eek.
They really do shake the ba-gee-gees right outta me.

I am also talking People
& there, right there ! lies my lesson.

I am in charge of this person called ME.
Not you
or they
or he
or she
or them.


& if I want to be scared, I shall remain scared
& if I want to be under a dismal cloud, I shall remain under that dismal cloud.
Subdued ?
Daunted ?
Sure, I can forever do that too.

Or I can choose a better, higher, I am in control road
& I prefer a positive approach with Oh Yes, I Can results
& guess what ?
What I permit, is what I become.


All that from this … ??!?


Hey fellas !!
Watch out.
I’ma coming through.


I Am My Feelings