Who Are You

Who Are You

April 15, 2016

That’s the day I first wrote these words
& one (aka me)
would think they would be, should be L O N G forgotten by now.
But, Life.
Oh, Life.

“… Who Are You is my daily reminder that God put you in my life to help me in this journey …”
said the sweet, encouraging soul I am fortunate to call, Friend.

Little did she know, I was planning on rerunning this very blog today, figuring no one would notice.

My heart = Humbled.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

I get up after a good night’s sleep
& shuffle to the bathroom to do my thing.
I take a look in the mirror and most days, I’m ok with the person staring back at me.


I go about my day.
I see people.
They see me
& I’m assuming they see the same person I see.
I’m hoping this me I offer is the same me I see in that mirror each morning.

Which got my mind asking.
I wonder what others see when they look at me ?

Am I true
or do I change things around a bit to fit their thinking ?
Am I likeable on the outside but, truth be told, somewhat ugly on the inside ?
Am I a phony ?
Am I genuine ?
Am I my very own self ?

The Me, Myself and I self.
The person staring back in the mirror self.
The person I have to live with self.


Maybe it’s the writing of this blog that brings out my need for transparency
but, if you don’t mind, do me this one little favor …
As you wander into your bathroom and take a look at the you staring back at you
Take notice
& ask yourself if the world gets to see that very same person.

I hope so for me
& I hope so for you too.


I Am My Feelings