! ! IT’S SNOWING ! !

! ! IT’S SNOWING ! !

It happens every year in these parts.

Every. Year.

Sometimes it’s already here, arriving weeks ago
& sometimes it waits and waits until finally, a grand entrance.
We never really know when it will happen but, somewhere down the line, it WILL happen.

It’s called snow, folks
& we really shouldn’t be all that shocked and surprised.
But, each wintry weather season it seems we are caught off guard, yet again.
Wait ??
What ?!?
SNOW ???
Please, explain
They do.
Over and over again, they do.

Team Weather.
I seriously love them so.
They and their million, zillion reminders to PREPARE because THIS Winter Storm just might be the very worst of the worst.
Team Weather
& their ever so gentle, yearly reminders to …

Dress accordingly.
Walk cautiously.
Drive slowly.
Shovel carefully.
Check neighbors,
Stock cupboards.
Cover critters
& Yes.
The snow plows need to clear the main streets before they can push those sides.
Oh, & kids ?
Remember to go outside and have Winter fun but, take caution as to not hurt yourself in your snowy glee.

Thank you, Team Weather.
I really appreciate your devoted concern.
I do.
But, I am very well schooled in the white stuff falling from the sky because it happens annually in these parts.
I promise, I’ll take care of the peeps and me.

It’s called snow, folks
White, light, multiple, mighty flakes of pure, frozen vapor.

Please remember to enjoy it’s prettiness too.


I Am My Feelings