Ok, PC
You go right ahead and do your thing.
I have a free as a bird day on my horizon so ! no worries ! I’ll just sit here and wait

& wait
and …


Hello ?

This was taking wayyyyyy longer than I expected, so I lifted my bottom off the chair and looked out my window.
My front window this time because that’s where November’s full moon shined it’s early a.m. bright
& as I stared at it’s cosmic beauty, my mind began to wander.


Hey Mr Moon or you over there, Star ?
Could someone advise me as to WHY I am awake hours before the crack of dawn each day to write words that may or may not be read by the people of this planet ?
& hmmmm
Why does every single full moon that ever was always and I do mean ALWAYS bring the doubter out in me ??


As much as I enjoy the quiet, I didn’t want to deal with my doubter’s questions anymore, so I grabbed my iPhone and earplugs and pulled out my music instead

& ahhhhh

Certain voices, certain songs just calm my soul like no other
& after a few solid minutes of peaceful listening, I aligned.
Doubter must have fallen asleep.


I better go back and check.
Are we done yet, updates ??

No ?

Let’s see, where can I dilly-dally next ?
How’s about the back door view ?
My tree looks incredibly weary in the darkness.
Like she’s just so darn tired of holding her arms up and wants to call it quits.
Please don’t leave me yet, Friend.
Maybe one more Winter ?
Maybe if you stay for just one more Winter I will finally have the strength to say goodbye.
Just hang on a little bit longer.
The leaves on the others will be gone soon then all the trees will look as lovely as you, my big, bald, buddy.

I suppose I should think about raking them.
I wonder if I can cut the grass and chop up those buggers this weekend instead ?

or, hmmmm

Maybe I’ll finish that new poem I began yesterday.

Gotta turn the clocks back.
This time tomorrow it’ll be an hour earlier.
Probably be a good idea to hydrate hydrate hydrate !! as I will be donating blood soon.

This is getting ridiculous.
Just HOW long is this going to take, Windows ??

oh good
We are almost there.
I’ll just sit back and rest my eyes for the remainder

& as I lingered between half awake, half Zzzzz they appeared.
Mom, Gramma, Auntie.
Well Hi There, Girls !!
You are all looking so happy and pretty and sooooo very content.
Thanks for dropping in for a visit
& yes, I did feel that slight touch upon my hand.
I know it was you and I know you are perfectly perfect and oh so joyfully fine.

What’s that ?
The update is complete ?

Well alrighty then ! I too am refreshed !
& you know what my Full Moon Doubter ?
I’ve been reminded as to why I get up hours before the crack of dawn each day.

Thanks for the time to ponder, dear Laptop.
It all makes sense again
& yep.
It’s time to write my words.


I Am My Feelings