I’ve had anger on my mind these days because um, it seems as if it is everywhere.
Every. Where.

Not the ‘grrrrr ! you make me so !’ sentiment.
That’s mad
& mad is temporary.

I’m talking anger, anger.
The brew it, stew it, hovers like a storm cloud, anger.
The anger that moves in and hunkers down for days.
Or longer.

If you really think about it and I’ve really been thinking about it, anger is such a powerfully ugly emotion.
It’s an anchor.
A rusty, dusty, dark and dismal anchor !!
like an anchor, anger is pretty darn experienced at holding on tight.

Anger won’t let go.
It can’t let go.
It’s a stubborn grip that can embed for years.


& yet, once released, IF released,
anger will suddenly, magically disappear.
It evaporates.
Just like that.


Talk about Powerful.

Powerfully easy.
Powerfully uplifting.
Powerfully wonderful.

!! & !! 
A happy heart will always follow.