I was asked, recently, if I would be writing about Irma.
Hurricane Irma.
That incredibly powerful, intimidating, giant of a storm carving her way closer and closer to my family and friends and a whole lotta people in Florida.

I responded with a hmmm and a well and I hadn’t really planned on it because I’m not there.
I’m here.
Safe and sound and bright blue skies, here.
I am experiencing Irma from afar, I told Daughter and Son so, really now, who’d want to read THAT ?
I asked them to please take notes and document feelings as she barrels in and I promise, this blog of mine will be used to tell THEIR story, not boring ol mine,
but, you know what ?
The more I think about Irma and her path of fury, maybe I do have a thing or two to say.

We all know I am a big believer in everything happens for a reason
& I’m pretty positive I’ve made a point or two about nature and signs and seeking and finding
but what do I do ?
and what does it mean ?
and how do I handle a monstrosity of a beast such as Irma when she is completely out of my control  and just might be headed right smack dab towards those that I love ?

That’s how I feel.
Totally, utterly, helpless

& that’s when this teeny, tiny glint of hope
and faith
and belief lights up and calms my heart
& if this isn’t a moment of absolute and complete trust, I don’t know what is.

Trust that no matter what ! NO. MATTER.WHAT is on the horizon or what happens next we and it and all will be fine.
Just fine.

Through any storm.
Through any battle.
Through sunshine and hurricanes, through the very best and the very worse.
Through anything and everything.
Trust and Love and Belief and Hope will never, EVER leave.
They are always and forever there.
Right. There.

So, yep.
That’s what I’m feeling and where I am at, my Florida peeps,
because I know you are hunkered and I am downright confident you are prepped and prepared.
There’s nowhere else to go and nothing more to say or do
except trust.



I’ll be waiting for those stories.

I Am My Feelings