Together Again

Together Again

A rerun with love, for three beautiful souls who are missed very much.


There was a time when Gramma, Mom, Aunt, Sisters and I were completely obsessed with soap operas.

All My Children.
General Hospital.
We LOVED them.

But, the one we were absolutely hooked on was The Young and The Restless.
Oh. Yeah.
The Young and The Restless.

Although Gramma lived in New York, she visited us quite often
& when she did, we would literally stop our day to watch her “story”.
How I loved sitting with Gramma, watching that soap.
Her very opinionated commentary was priceless.

Back in the good ol, early days of Y & R there were two sisters.
Lorie and Leslie Brooks.

Lorie was the outspoken, glamorous, worldly sister
Leslie, although quite accomplished in her own right, was the quiet one.
Leslie always felt she lived in Lorie’s shadow
& the sisters would continually bicker and jealously battle over men, fortune and fame.

My lovely, little Gramma would always laugh at those Brooks girls.
She often compared the sisters to her eldest daughters
But, Gramma’s girls fussed over one thing
& one thing only.
Time spent with their mama.

Jo Jo lived in New York.
Lorraine did not.
Jo Jo had much more mama time, according to Lorraine.
& according to Jo Jo, Lorraine got plenty of  mama visits.
There was really no need to complain or compare.

That was many, many years ago.
Gramma has been gone almost 27 years now, 10 years for Mom.

When Mom died, my Auntie Jo Jo commented that Lorraine was with their mama now
& that made her a tad bit jealous.
We laughed and decided Aunt Jo would live to be 200 years old.
Lorraine finally had her mama time
& auntie knew her sister wouldn’t be sharing for a very long while.

My mother must have had a change of heart.
Auntie Jo Jo left us last night to be reunited with her sister Lorraine and their very loved mama.

I can only imagine the awesome joy of that reunion.
Three little ladies, together again.
I can hear their laughter.
I can feel their love
& now it’s my turn to be a tad bit jealous.

Enjoy your endlessly wonderful mama time, sisters.
I absolutely know you will.

just remember …
When Gramma’s story is on ?
shhhhh ! !


Together for two years
& I’m still hearing their laughter and feeling that love …


I Am My Feelings