Game Seven

Game Seven

It was November 2, 2016
Chicago Cubs v Cleveland Indians

& he wondered if I wanted to watch Game 7 with them.
‘Them’ being, him and Sister #2.

“You can, if you want”, Dad said, “It’s ok”
& I paused and err-ed and umm-ed as my brain shouted, “OH NO YOU CAN’T ! ! ! IT’S NOT OK ! !”
so, I handed him excuses instead.

well …
Husband and I just got back from a long trip.
I’m kinda tired.
I’ve only seen one uninterrupted, complete game all season and they lost.
You and I haven’t watched a game together this year.
I’m too nervous.

I gave the man every excuse that entered my mind with my final words being, “You’ll thank me tomorrow”
& he laughed and said “ok, enjoy the game”

& then I felt bad.
We had been waiting for THIS MOMENT my whole, entire life.
The CUBS !!
The World Series ! !
This is IT, baby.

Should I drive the three miles to Dad’s and witness history ??
Will I regret it if I don’t ?
Worse yet, will I regret it it I do ???

The torment of it all.

Truth be told though, deep down I knew I couldn’t go, I wouldn’t go.
No matter what was discussed and deliberated and hemmed and hawed.
I knew my answer just had to be no.

It’s called superstition
& when it comes to sports ?
Oh yeah, I’ve got it bad.

Fast forward to afterwards
& our beloved Cubbies won.
& yes, there was dancing in the streets ! parties ! and happiness ! and pure gleeeeeeeee ! ! for days and days and days on end
& we still can’t believe we experienced such glory.
It was truly a magical moment in time.
One hundred and eight year ‘curse’. Evaporated.
Just. Like. That.

Woooooo Hooooooo.

& I know you are wondering …
Am I regretful ?
Am I super jealous that Sister #2 got this priceless time with our father ??
Am I kicking myself from here to next year for telling Dad ‘NOPE’ that infamous night ??

Absolutely not.
You see, I ‘watched’ most of that game curled up in the fetal position with a blanket over my head.
I just couldn’t handle the pressure of it all
& so, I took the grown up, adult way out.
I hid.
I hid and I hid and I peeked and I moaned and I groaned and I cheered and I cried.

Man oh man.
What a ride it ’twas !

And I saw Dad bright and early the very next morning, gave him the biggest hug ever and said “I told you you would thank me”

Lucky for me though, we have modern technology.
Because it has allowed me, him, US to experience the joy for the first time, all over again.

Dad received the World Series Collector’s Edition as one of his many Chicago Cubs gifts, this past Christmas
& he and I took our yesterday to relive.

With Hamburger Deluxes included, we watched, we witnessed, we cringed and we celebrated
& it will go down as one of my best days ever.

You kept me away that warm, rainy November night but, you’ve handed me wonderful just a few short months later.
A random Thursday
my father
a Chicago Cubs W
a perfect moment.

Have I mentioned how life simple pleasures are truly and forever will be the very best of THE BEST ?
It’s true.

Thanks, Dad.


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