My No Name Plant

My No Name Plant

There’s this plant I have that’s been in my family for years and years and years
& I’d tell you it’s plant name but, I’m terrible with names, especially plant names.
So yeah, I have no idea.
It’s just this plant that’s been around forever.

The planter this plant sits in was my Grandmother’s
& somewhere down the line it ended up at Mom and Dad’s.
A plant sat in that planter in a corner of their house, all cozy and content, throughout a good portion of my life
& I’m pretty positive my no name plant is not the original plant in Granny’s planter but, maybe it is ?
I’ll have to ask Dad because he knows these things.
But, either way, once THIS plant moved into THAT planter, she never moved out.
It was an instant love connection and they have been together ever since.

I cannot tell you how awesome that plant thrived in that planter, in that house.
She was a BEAUTY and something to be envied and admired.
Lovely and prosperous is what she was and how she lived
& then, for reasons I don’t really recall, she moved over to my house.

Now, don’t get me wrong.
I am not, I repeat NOT, a plant killer.
Well … ummm … errr … yes.
Yes, I am.
I kill Ferns.
But, that’s another story for another day.
I must stay on track.

Happily, the unknown name plant in my Granny’s planter actually thrived at my house too.
For quite a lotta years.
She was big, strong, pretty
& I honestly don’t know what happened.
Maybe I just didn’t notice her deterioration ?
Maybe I watered her too much ?
Maybe I didn’t water her at all ?
I have no idea.
She was FINE
& then, she wasn’t
& I still cringe at the thought of the day I found her all withered up and ready to call it quits.

Nooooooo You Don’t !! I cried to that little plant.
YOU have been in this family way, wayyyyyy to long to leave us now.
Please don’t go, I pleaded.

I hurriedly grabbed some Popsicle sticks.
I took those sticks and I propped her up.
I prayed.
I hoped.
That’s all I could do.
I hoped that there were enough roots left in her little self to grab onto some dirt and give life another try.
C’mon. C’mon.

I’m happy to report my unnamed plant has now sprouted  a new sprout
& they are on their way to looking good.
& I couldn’t be happier.
I didn’t give up on her and she didn’t give up on me.


So WHAT’S YOUR POINT ???? you ever so patiently ask ??

If there is even the teeniest, tiniest, sliver of a slight chance to hope, HOPE.
Because there is always, always, ALWAYS a teeny, tiny, sliver of a slight chance of hope.
It’s there, somewhere.
Grab it, treasure it, prop it up, if you must.
Never, ever give up on hope.

You just never know when it’ll be your time to blossom.


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