I call her Tommie Tom Tom
& yeah, she is a dinosaur when it comes to getting me where I need to be, GPS devices
& yep, I know I could use a more updated version of her or, better yet, why not just USE MY PHONE ??!?

It’s because I love her.

That calm, cool, collective voice has talked me through many a city, many a time
& I have no plans on changing this very good thing.

So, Tommie Tom Tom, Husband and I have been traveling these last few days
& all works out quite fine, as long as everyone does their part.
Tommie navigates.
Husband drives.
I do everything else.
It’s what we do, it’s how we work
& most of the time, all is swell.

Tommie though, had herself a little attitude when we started our latest journey on Saturday.
Maybe it’s because I left her in the glove box all week, I imagine it was pretty hot in there.
All I wanted was the side road.
Is that too much to ask ?
Tommie thought so.
Her coordinates were uncoordinated
& she literally had us driving in circles.

Husband and I knew she was wrong, but we’ve grown to trust Tommie Tom Tom so we followed her ill advised directions.
After what seemed like forever, we decided to follow our own brains instead.
In the meantime, Tommie had come to her senses.
We forgave her for leading us astray and all was right with the world once again.

Except now, with all our dillydallys,  the traffic we were trying to avoid by taking the side road found it’s way to us anyway.
A wall of cars like I’ve never seen before
& we were right smack dab in the middle.

Good thing we had our handy, dandy cb radio.
Those kind truckers told use in their ever so delightfully animated way exactly why we were sitting where we were sitting.
We knew we’d be hunkered in this mess for a very long while.

My first reaction was WHY Tommie Tom Tom ??
Why did you delay us so ???
If not for you, we’d have been well beyond and way, wayyyyy ahead of ALL. THIS. TRAFFIC.
urgh !!!

& that’s when it hit me.
Maybe, just maybe, we were delayed for a reason.
Maybe, just maybe, we were supposed to be exactly where we were and not a few hundred miles ahead.
Maybe, just maybe, every single thing really does happen for a reason
& it’s best not to question.
MAYBE, I should just trust

& so, I did.

Thanks for the lesson Tommie Tom Tom.
The scenery, the music and that pbj made being stuck in traffic not so horrible.
& yep,
Sometimes just going with that flow is the best thing to do, all you can do.

I think I’ll continue to do.


I Am My Feelings