Hidden No More

Hidden No More

I recently found a notebook of poems.
Poems that I wrote when I was in my late teens, early twenties.
Poems that I preferred stay hidden away.

Show them to people ?!?!!??
No. Way.
noooooo wayyyyyyyyy.
I’ll write them and hide them is what I’ll do.
Is what I did.

Somewhere down the road though, the writer in me woke up.
Spoke up.
Grew up.
My turning point ?
When I stopped worrying about what other people think
& I listened to that little voice inside my head instead.
That quiet, insistent, continuously urging me on, wonderful voice.

I’ve found my footing now.
My confidence. My backbone.

& so today, I’d like to share a few of my poems from way back when …


Tiny drops of water
Making small puddles
In the sink
On my pillow

The faucet cries
Just as I

                                                                   True Happy
                                                            Sharing Giving Growing
                                                    Laughter Fun Disagreement Tears
                                                             Yelling Hurting Hating
                                                                   Sad Lonely

When I look at you
I see love
When you speak
I hear love
When I touch you
I feel love
When I kiss you
I taste love
When I love you
I love love


I have many more but, I’m sure you get the gist.
But …! ….
What in the world is the point, you oh so patiently wonder ?

The point is that I kept this part of me hidden away for much too long.
Years and years and years.
I was always afraid of what others would think.
What I THOUGHT others would think.


Today’s advice ?

Do it.
Keep doing it.
Whatever it is, whatever you feel.
Keep doing and doing and doing and doing and doing.
Listen to that inner voice.
Follow where it leads.

Turns out, all along. the biggest doubter out there was me.
ME doubting ME.

Goodbye forever Doubt.
& good riddance too.
I love my sweet, sentimental poems.



I Am My Feelings