Changing Plans

Changing Plans

Something that has never happened to me before happened to me yesterday.
The plane Husband and I were traveling on turned around mid flight and took us back to our starting point.

Seems a navigational screen went dark.
not good
& we were heading into storms.
So the powers that be decided the best thing to do was to turn around, go back, change planes and start fresh.

Thanks, powers that be.
I appreciate that.

Have I mentioned I’m a big believer in everything happens for a reason …?
Oh yes.
Yes I am.
My mind had a field day with this one.

Was our plane just saved from disaster by a broken navigational screen ?
Or were we the doomed flight that should have just stayed the course…?
Would our new plane get us to our destination safely ?
Or maybe this new plane was faultier than the first.


How about all these people ?
Were we all supposed to be at a certain place ?
At a certain time ?
Did destiny just get interrupted ?
Or did destiny just occur ?


And then you have the whole domino effect of what just happened here.
Our plane being diverted meant a whole lot of people maneuvering a whole lotta things.
Everyone involved day’s shifted a bit yesterday.
I find that absolutely fascinating.
Absolutely domino effect fascinating.

! ! ! hmmm ! ! !

So YaY.
We made it to our destination safely.
& since our arrival was later than planned we decided to stay the night at Sister’s.
We would drive home in the morning instead.

Oh boy.
Another change of plans.
Which gets my mind to thinking …



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