I’m a pretty positive person most days.
But, every once in awhile, Negative Nellie comes a calling and I listen.
I not only listen, I agree
& that’s not good.

Today has the makings of a listen to Nellie day.
I’m very close to diving in and letting her rule my mind and my actions.

You want to know why I’m feeling so grumpy ?
I’m going to tell you anyways …
& if I wasn’t so humphy about it, I’d actually think it was kind of funny.

It all started yesterday afternoon.
I was happily cutting my backyard grass.
The day was beautiful.
I was doing something I love.
Life was good.

All of a sudden, I looked up to see Husband chugging along on his riding mower.
I thought this was strange, seeing that I was just about done
& the only grass that needed to be cut was a little corner section in the very back of the yard.

I know he was just trying to be helpful but, Husband treading into my happy land with his riding mower kinda got on my nerves.
How dare he.
But, since I was just about done, I gave him a sign to go ahead and finish up the back section
& so, he did.

Now the back section of the yard is usually the mushiest section.
Especially if we’ve had a lot of snow or rain.
I wasn’t really thinking about this when I handed over the mowing reins.
But, I sure wish I would have remembered that little tidbit.

Turns out, the riding mower got stuck in the muck.
Long story short, the battery died on the riding mower too and it needed a jump.
We will bring the pickup truck to the back section to jump the riding mower, it’s not THAT mushy back there.

Yes it was.
It was very, very mushy back there.

The good news is we got the riding mower out.
It’s tucked away in the garage.
The pickup ?
Well that’s another story.
The truck is sitting in my yard as we speak.
& the ruts it made in the grass as we tried to free it from the muck are quite impressive.
Let’s just say that truck is pretty darn stuck and looks like it doesn’t want to move for a very long while.

For some reason, after all this happened I ended up upstairs with a blanket over my head.
Go figure.
My words to Husband were “I’m going to hide”
& hide I did.

Now that I’m looking at yesterday through today’s eyes it all seems pretty comical
& as I glance out the window and see the distant pickup and all it’s ruts I think
“Thank Goodness I live on an acre of land or I’d really be upset !!”

Welcome to my life.

yep. yep.

Hey there Negative Nellie I hate to disappoint but, you might as well go away.
I’ve decided you’re not going to hunker down on me today.
I prefer to laugh
Because if I can’t laugh about this and all the other goofy things that keep happening, then I will surely go coo coo.

So HA !!

Hellooooooo Positive Day.


I Am My Feelings