I sure don’t know what was up with me yesterday.
I awoke to a very negative outlook.
Doubt was hunkering down in my brain.
& I pretty much planned and very easily could have jumped into my nobody talk to me hole.

I tried.
I did try.
But, every time I went in, I got pulled back into positive.

I was given signs throughout the day to stay happy.
But, I didn’t pay attention to them as they were happening.

Yesterday, it seems, I wanted to give all my attention to doubt.

My first sign that I needed to stay on the happy route was from my daughter.
She had heard a wonderful speech and recommended I listen to it.
So early yesterday morning, as negative was moving in, I listened.
It was beautiful
& everything I needed to hear at that very moment.

I have my sunrise,  my coffee, & an awesome ‘YES” speech.

Go away negative.
Go away.

Still there.


I had planned on meeting a friend for lunch.
I haven’t seen this nice person for 20 years and I was very much looking forward to our reunion.
AND we were meeting at my favorite restaurant.
Can’t get any better than that but still, that negative nuisance sat contently cozy in my head.

You know you have a soulmate type friend when the conversation starts right where it left off 20 years ago.
She was my confidante back in the day and thankfully, some things never change.
One of the first things I told this beautiful woman was the doubt I was feeling.

She handed me the words I needed to hear
& an inspirational book that I will treasure forever.
It was a perfect lunch and another awesome sign to stay in the happy.

But noooooooo.

It took awhile, but that darn falter bug was bound and determined to pick at my brain.
“I’m BACK …!”

grrrrrrr !
Once again, I was listening to that pessimistic parasite.

Then out of the blue, comes a cheerful text from my jolly sister.
She had just caught up on my blog and she filled me up with enthusiastic words.
Precise timing on her part.

This time, I got the message.
This time I booted the negative out.

Good riddance guy.
& btw… stay out of my brain.

I grabbed my guitar and strummed my strum and ended the day thinking about all my positives.

I was knocked upside the head with affirmative yesterday and yet, I still came thisclose to jumping into a gloomy hole.
Thank goodness for my people.
Thank goodness for my signs.

I was reminded that a force field of sunny is available every single day.
Handed over.
Waiting to be noticed.
Wanting to be found.

Took me forever but, I’m glad I noticed
& so pleased that I found.

Next time Mr Negative comes a calling …?
He ain’t getting in.

I’ll be concentrating on my positives instead.


I Am My Feelings