Team Ouch

Team Ouch

What should have been a very easy decision yesterday, turned to an hour long debate in my head.

Take a prescribed, heavy duty drug for my aching back

Simple right ?
When in pain, stop the pain.
That would be the common sense way of thinking.
But, more often than not, common sense seems to elude me.

The Battle Royale in my brain centered on this simple fact.
If I felt the pain
aka … Team Ouch
I would sit still.

If I felt no pain
aka … Team Ahhhhh
I’d feel the need to be busy with the busyness I’ve avoided because of my pain.

Got it ??
Cause there’s more.

The ache in my back was pretty intense yesterday morning.
& the over the counter medicine just wasn’t working.
So, after a much too long conversation with Team Ouch and Team Ahhhhh …
I caved.
I took the heavy duty drug.

I immediately loved Team Ahhhhh.

Helloooooooo, wonderful relief.
Where have you been all my life ??
Backache ?
Who said anything about a backache ?!?

I felt good.
Too good.

The need to get things done took over my brain almost instantly.
I hadn’t felt this good in days, years …!… & I had to get something accomplished.
What to do ?
What to do ?!?

Forget the joy of being still.
Forget my writing.
Forget my Mandy strumming.
I had much more important business on my agenda
& I needed to do get busy.


It took every restraining cell I have in me to remain somewhat planted in my chair

& that, my friends …
Is my dilemma with prescription pain stoppers.

You see, I need that pain to keep me immobile.
A heating pad and a lot of ache works best for me.
I want the agony so I can tell when I’m feeling better.
I must calculate my misery.

If I’m hurting, I’m not moving.
If I’m not moving, I’m healing.

So simple.
right ?
Right ??!!?


Anyways …
It looks like from now on, I’ll be sticking with Team Ouch.
Hurts so good.

So sorry about that, Team Ahhhhh.
Nothing personal.
It’s been fun. 
Real fun.
Just a little too much fun ….

Woooooo  Woooooooo.


I Am My Feelings