Slow & Steady

Slow & Steady

I finally got back to my guitar strumming the other day.
It’s been a very long while since I’ve practiced
& it most definitely showed.


The chords that were sounding so good before, sound very beginner-ish now.
Looks like I’ll be starting over.

I  was thinking about my guitar as I stepped outside to shovel snow yesterday.
I was upset at myself.
I had neglected my strumming and my New Year ‘Mandy’ promise.

With my mad at me but, happy to be shoveling face on, I began the process of moving snowflakes.
& that’s when something wonderful occurred to me.

I finally realized why I love tedious tasks.
Tasks like shoveling snow, pushing a lawn mower over an acre of land, stacking a mountain of wood into a tidy wood pile …
Tasks that I’ve been called coo coo for doing and even coo coo-er for loving.

I adore these things because of the slow and steadiness of it all.
WHY has this not entered my brain before ?!?
Slow and steady baby.
Of course !

One shovel of snow + one shovel of snow + one shovel of snow = I did it !
It’s so simple.

No matter what task or chore or lesson or whatever life hands over.
If taken one little bit at a time.
Handled slow and steadily.


I love it !

THAT is how I know I will be strumming Mandy on my guitar one day.


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