Ups and Downs

Ups and Downs

Everyone has their ups and their downs.
I know I sure do.
One day is absolutely positively the best day ever ! ! !
The next day …… ugh.

Sometimes the down days can hit hard.

I remember two specific times where I hit an emotional rock bottom.
Two times where, in my mind, it could not/would not get better.

So there I was.
Emotionally drained.
My tank dead dry out of gas.
Don’t really know why but, I picked up a bible and started flipping pages.

I found the psalms.

My answer was handed to me right then and there.
The words written for me.
Two simple sentences on two very different occasions.
Handed to me when I needed them most.

Those words helped me.
Those words changed me.
Those words are in my brain forever.

I am not a shouter from the rooftop person.
I am not a crazy religious person.
I’m just me.

I was hurting.
I found those psalms.
It helped.
It still helps.

Just thought I’d share.