Little ♥ L’s

Little ♥ L’s

Ahhhhh, Little Free Libraries, we’ve been tag-teaming for just about 5 years now.


With the diligence of those

Delightful Doers

who randomly discover,
who quietly alert,

YOU and the boys …

who determinedly tuck,

Wonderful You

blessed, I am. I so am.
& as I took an afternoon stroll with two such somebodies, we stopped to check on a recent deposit.

& how I wish I had snapped an after pic, because

Smile TearDrop Nicey shy Bubbles  LOVE
and Collin and the Big Bald Tree

were not there.


Talk about heart-melt,
a mushy mush of genuine enveloped my vibe as this is what I hope to happen each and every time my stories find their way to a Little L.

What a delightful concept.

! 🙂 ! !

But, shhhhh,
truth be told ??
I especially love when these books I share are no longer there.