♥ :( ♥

♥ :( ♥

Training Camp

Draft Day

Opening Day

Bearing ♥ Down

Section 445


butbutbutbutbut …

You name it, I’ve most likely expressed it, NFL
so you know how much I love you, I mean really, REALLY love you.

With this being said, one would think, today of all days, would be the tippy-top of absolute !! favorite !! in my world
but sadly, it’s not
& truth be told, it hasn’t been for years
& some have said my stubborn, humph-filled attitude centers around the Chicago Bears and/or those Buffalo Bills having not been in this coveted arena, for a long, long while
& I supposed they’re right, for I’d SURELY change my tune if,
if …
if only,
if …

But there’s more to my I Won’t Be Watching The Super Bowl stance, NFL
& dare I say, it’s you, for you’ve made this event a show, a show I find uncomfortable to watch.
You’ve pushed aside the old-school, the originals, the people that got you there in the first place, and replaced with glitz and glamour and over-the-top and who’s-who andandand …
& you’ve forgotten about me, NFL


No worries though,
I’m only one human being in your gigantic audience
and you know you own my heartstrings
so yeah,
no matter what I say, I always come back,
come April and definitely August hope, will once again, spring eternal
& yep, I’ll be back

but today, this day, this now ??
I feel you’re prioritizing people, my friend
and I just can’t go there or do that

♥ 🙁 ♥

so I’ll be listening to music,
taking a walk
reading a book,
watching an awesome series on Netflix
anything but you today, NFL.
Any ol’ anything, but you.


Simple Things