Tuesday Dreaming

Tuesday Dreaming

Like many people who occasionally purchase that oooh, why not ?!? BIG MONEY lottery ticket, I too, have visions of what I would do with a multitude of cha-ching.
Pretty positive I’d be endlessly content and infinitely thrilled tucked away in a mountain cabin with my burnt orange T-bird by my side
and the miscellaneous such and such embedded on my some day list ?
That too.

Family would be pleasantly appreciative to be absolutely debt free
& those kind souls who have stood by my side through the years of thick and thin would be feeling the joy too.
I’d be a continual Santa Claus to one and all.
Just because.
Because I love them.
Because I can

& when all was said and done and I STILL had a gazillion extra pennies ?

Oh that’s easy.
I’d give.

To charities.
To foundations.
To good causes.
To kind people.

ahhhh, dreams.
! Dreams !

Hey, word on the street says, today, this day ! is Giving Tuesday
& how I adore these twenty-four hours.
Because Giving
just happen to be two of my very favorite things !


& although I don’t have a mountain of gold to offer, I have what I have
& a bit of what I have will be going to those someones who need it more than I
& that ?
Well, THAT just fills my heart with a whole bunch of happy.

Million dollar lottery winnings ?
oh yeah,
that would be Pretty. Darn. Nice.
But I know of a better place to live, to be.
It’s called loving, sharing and helping one another any which way we can
& yep,

& Wednesday
& Thursday
& Friday
& …

Now, there’s the perfect dream.