With Hugs

With Hugs

& if that don’t express it in a delightfully perfect nutshell ??

♥ share your gratitude with hugs ♥

Well YaY
! Ok !

Line up, my people !! here they come !! because every time Thanksgiving rolls around, I find myself in a warm, wonderful bubble of remember and although YOU may think what you do and what you say and those random this and that’s of who you genuinely are is not a big deal ?? Let me remind you LOUD and sincerely clear,
I appreciate.


So ! HUGS !  For taking the time to read these words.

! HUGS !
For always coming back.

! HUGS !
For the encouragement you continually send my way.

I’ve said it before, but you must hear this again.
Every single time
& I truly mean Every. Single. Time. I start to sway and that darn doubt dares to penetrate my brain, one of you lovely somebodies always, ALWAYS appears.
Randomly, magically, unconditionally.

You prop me up.
You shoo away the uncertainty.
You keep me doing what I do.

I sway. You prop.
I sway. You prop.
& even when I promise I will never, ever, EVER sway again,
I sway.
You prop.

I hope you know how much you mean to me.
Your reinforcement is my backbone
& I could not, would not be here without you.
Your kind, simple, steady, beautiful sprinkles of support help me more than you will ever know
& so, today I say …

with hugs.


With You For You And You