♥ HOME ♥

♥ HOME ♥

Happy Thanksgiving Eve !!
and because I returned to mine just yesterday, I offer repeated words today,
with hug filled cheers to HOME, wherever yours be …


♥ ♥ ♥

The question was WHY ?!?!!??
Spoken with astonished wonder by a man who once resided in this town.

Why do you continue to live there ?
Why would you want to stay in that place when you could live happily forever in warmth and sunshine ?!?
Why ?
WHY ???!!??

My answer ?
Because it’s home
& I love this spot on the map called Home.

Yep, it’s true.
There is a season called Winter here
& it does get pretty darn cold
& yes, that white stuff falling from the clouds can be mighty frustrating.
But cold and slippery cannot hide Winter’s pretty
& Winter, to me at least, is a remarkably beautiful season.

ahhhh, Seasons.
The sometimes subtle, often not, awe-inspiring change of seasons.
That’s why I stay.
Spring to Summer to Autumn to Winter.
I love them all.

Then there’s the fact, I was born and raised here
& I like it.
I like the people.
The places.
The this and the that’s.
I like everything about this not so little, little town.
It’s cozy and happy and just plain nice.
I’m guessing that’s why I stay too

& family.
My family has lodged in these parts for as long as I have walked planet Earth.
Dad and Big Bro continue to hunker in the very best house ever built.
My childhood is encased within those walls.

ahhhh, Home.

I stay
& I’ll continue to stay.
I’ll do vacations and jaunts and happy little visits to the land of other places and I will enjoy all my minutes there, but I’ll always, ALWAYS come back to here.
Because here is home

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