Please. Believe.

Please. Believe.

I’ve spent the last few days lost in the vibe of a 4 month old, completely isolated from the happenings of our world.
Came home, unpacked my biz, turned on the tv to catch up, relax
and was reminded of how ugly, unfathomable, absolute sickening this planet can oftentimes be.
Today, I offer words I’ve repeated time, after time, after time again, because I’m empty,
I’m so empty.

Oh, Hate

My Hope Report


Until Forever

& as we begin a new 24, I ask you to please, PLEASE don’t stop believing.
In good.
In love.
In joy and hope.
They are there and somewhere, among the horridness, they remain.
Good will always defeat evil.

& I know I may be banging my head against a wall, shouting from the rooftops to !! NOBODY’S LISTENING !! but I plan to keep on shouting.
Please. Believe.
In us.
In people.
Believe in humankind.
The good in this world outnumbers the bad all the time, every time
& love does and forever WILL conquer all.



2 Replies to “Please. Believe.”

  1. I agree!! Believe that by our small everyday actions we all do make a difference no matter where we call home.
    Love does and forever WILL resound in hearts of those who seek the good in this world and believe.