♥ Beautiful YOU ♥

♥ Beautiful YOU ♥

Truth be told, I’m kinda, sorta struggling with words these days.

!! gasp !!

No worries.
This happens every now and again.
My go-to, get me right-smack-dab-back-on-track remedy ??
Stepping into my archives, where I am reminded of just how many times I’ve come thisclose to quit and be it not for a few wonderful souls who continue to nudge me along,

I’d have faded away,
for sure.
Somewhere in this early morning, pre-coffee haze, I remembered a quote from Mark Batterson in his awesome read, Chase The Lion.

& how absolutely lovable is THAT ??!?
I honestly cannot ponder anything easier and just imagine the ripple effect !!

A kind word to a pal would carry on with a simple something to a neighbor, which could make it’s way to kudos for an acquaintance, which might trickle to appreciation for a stranger
& so on
& so on
& so on.
A universe of happy, beginning with one person.

I’m telling you !! it’s easy !!  if we all just simply try.


Your hair looks great.
You did a good job.
You’re welcome.
You are so nice.
You’re good at that.
You’re a kind soul.
Add a smile and a sprinkle of sincerity

!! YaY !!

Needless to say, my brain is feeling encouraged and invigorated

so, starting here and now, I shall begin this extremely doable task with
I need.
I appreciate.
I applaud

and I hope you have a beautiful day, beautiful  ♥ YOU ♥


With You For You And You