♥ 548 ♥

♥ 548 ♥

I’ve bragged.

♥ 56 ♥

I’ve promised.

♥ 16 ♥

I’ve shared pics

and calculations.

I’ve coaxed.

Thanks, People

I’ve informed.

A feel good moment, I have guaranteed.

& then, I stopped.

I. Stopped.

Why ??
I’m not sure, but 1,oo1 excuses, I’m quite certain, I’ve made,

until this question

& this declaration entered my orbit,

catapulting me right smack dab back to the simple reason I donate.
& yes, ashamed of me, I very much am, ’cause I know better, I know THIS.

I’ve ignored your calls, your emails, your genuine pleas for darn near a year and a half, Versiti

& I’m truly sorry, but I’ve awakened to whatever, wherever I’ve been hiding for 548 days
and YeP,
I’m back.

I’ll be making my appointment today.


And When