Happy Writes

Happy Writes

This week marks the 9th anniversary of

♥ AkA – this blog ♥

and part of me is YaY and wow-weeeeeee and YOU GOOOOOOOOO with a whole bunch of  ! ! ! ! ! for where I was and what I’ve gained.


annnnnnnnd  the other half  … ? …

just eh.

Please don’t pay a bit of attention to that grumpy-pants though, she’s always trying to get me to quit, to halt, to not bother ! and if it were up to her and the next Full Moon, my stories and poems would be forever silent, hidden in that right-side, bottom dresser drawer, stashed away for no one, but me, to see.

Kudos for listening to my Oh Yes I Can voice instead. Because of her, Smile TearDrop Nicey shy Bubbles  LOVE  and Collin and the Big Bald Tree enthusiastically circle the universe.
Because of her,


You Matter

A Kiss On My Shoulder

My Friend

I Love You Too

Dancing With Jesus

Beyond You


Under My Sidewalk

‘Cause Jesus Told Me So

With You For You And You

Above The Rain

Puzzle Piece

Simple Things


And When

One More Chance


The Good News

Because of her, I tap, tap, tap on this laptop every a.m. to offer my help, my opinion, my mish-mash of thoughts. And it’s because of her, I’ll continue.

So a BIG YIPPEE and yahoooooooo to the creative side of my brain that simply will not let me STOP ’cause when you add 9 Years + 7 Children’s Stories + 20 Poems + 1 Babbling Blog and you smooooooosh it alllllll together ??


Happy lives. Happy loves. Happy writes.