absolutely FANTASTIC

absolutely FANTASTIC

Feels like a good day for a rerun.

♥ Enjoy ♥

What if you meet God and He asks, how was Heaven ?

& “!! WOW !!”, I muttered, after I stumbled upon this sentence.

uh, gee, ummmm.

What if you meet God and He asks, how was Heaven ?

Well, I don’t know !! but I’m thinking, my first reaction would be to kick myself directly in the ass for a priceless moment, missed.

!! baaaa !!

& then I’d reflect upon allllll those times I goofed up or fretted about or complained to or hunkered in my sometimes unbreakable wall of stubbornness.


& I would, for sure, ponder the ugly words said or the dismal days wasted or the whining about minuscule nothings and I’d wonder why ??? WHY didn’t I realize ???? and NOW WHAT ??? Did I just miss out on Heaven ??!?

uh oh

But then I’d remind myself of each and every sunrise I have viewed, and I’d pause to reflect on the many, MANY good people who have crossed my path. I would remember all the cherished memories of a long, lovely life and I would reminisce on the times I have tried my best. I’d BIG HUG the simple things that have brought my heart joy and I would high-five the happiness and the endless supply of beautiful this earth has to offer

What if you meet God and He asks, how was Heaven ?


It’s been complicated and busy and positive and negative and quiet and delightful and up and down and confusing and clear and surreal and sublime andandandandand AND absolutely FANTASTIC, God !! and I really, REALLY appreciate this unique opportunity to BE !! so, thank you, my friend.

Thank. You.


‘Cause Jesus Told Me So