While penciling in a happening on my calendar recently, I noticed February, March, April and May are pretty much booked with preparing and traveling and walking and watching and helping and celebrating and yep !! Fun times await. For Sure.

But truth be told, in the hush of the night, where my mind has ways of waking up from a solid sleep to spin out of control ??

uh huh

The Who ? What ? When ? Where ? How ? take over and my BIG PICTURE is filled with



? ?


? ? ? ?  ! ! ? ? ? ? ?

It’s here, where I tell myself to shhhhh. Just shhhhh !  Keep it small. Keep it tight and as the song sings, One day at a time, sweet Jesus … & yay, back to zzzzzz I go.

Yesterday, after a delightful step away from my favorite 24 /7 news channel, I chose to jump back into that vortex to see what I’ve been missing and honestly ? the BIG PICTURE of it all left me confused and irritated. I shut that tv off with a humph, an exasperated YIKES !! and a vow to never go back. But shhhh, my midnight mantra reminded, just shhhh. Keep it small. Keep it tight. One day at a time …

& today ? Well today, I feel fabulous ! and I’m soooooo going to enjoy these minutes. I’m going to smile. I’m going to be kind. I’m going to stay positive, remain hopeful and try to make my tiny space on this planet as pleasant as I possibly can with a domino effect of good vibes

& yes, BIG PICTURE, I realize your TOWERING, INTIMIDATING self is not going away. You will hover and taunt and try to dominate my every thought but ! ! YaY ! !


I’ll be sharing a whole bunch of happy along the way.

‘Cause Jesus Told Me So