♥ Collin ♥

♥ Collin ♥

Self-publish !! they’d exclaim.

DIY  !! they would nudge.

INDIE !! they’d insist

with a yeahyeahyeah, maybemaybemaybe, we’llseewe’llseewe’llsee, forever response, from turtle-paced me. Until one s l o w and steady day …


came along with


soon after. And even though life’s roller coaster tried, every once in a while, to bump me off this quest




found a way to be.

And as


entered the children’s book world, Husband and I patted ourselves on the back with a WE. DID. IT. ’cause if not for his belief in this and me, I’d still be hemmin’ and hawin’ and some day soon-in’. FOR. SURE.

Next step ?? Package these cuties up in a box-set titled, I Am My Feelings and we’re good to go, as we proudly  applauded our very own selves.


Hold on a minute !! my inner voice whispered, You still have one more story to tell ! whatcha gonna do about Collin ??!!?? hmmmmm ?????

ahhhhh, Collin.

A young soul.

A tree.

A step away from my norm, as this tale came from real life experience, true blue facts and although I vowed I’d get around to some day, self-publishing C&TBBT, I wasn’t quite sure when or how or just where this one would fit in … But ooooooh, Universe, you place signs and signals and NOW IS THE TIME, right smack dab on my path, you do, and when Toby Mikle, the !! best, kindest, most patient illustrator on this planet !! (mybookillustrator.com) suggested we go ahead and ride the contrast with a change up here and a shift or two there…? …


And today !! my 7th book !! is live and poppin’ on Amazon, thanks to the doitdoitdoit persistence of  those ♥ you know who you are ♥ someones along my path, who reached out, lifted up, did their part to place me in this here and now

& I’m seriously bursting with ! ! ! ! !

And YaY.

YaY for Collin.

YaY for our BIG BALD BEAUTIFUL tree.

But most of all, YaY for DIFFERENT.


Collin and the BIG BALD TREE