♥ 16 ♥

♥ 16 ♥


♥ 56 ♥

are the words I share each time I donate blood. And for a while there, I was so meticulous about my 56-s, I asked my blogger self, should I rerun this one AGAIN ?!? hmmm

& not to stray too far on the bragger route, but between American Red Cross and Versiti Blood Centers my grand total pints are inching their way to 100.

So, YaY. YaY Me.

but call it busy or dub it holidays or remind myself of the 2 week December honkin’ of a stuffy nose, or those previous appointments scheduled or  … or … or … this time, it seems, I have a thousand excuses to NOT.


& every time a nice soul calls to remind me of just how desperately donors are needed, I PROMISE myself ASAP SOON. I WILL. SOON.

Hey, did you know, January is National Blood Donor Month ??

It’s true. I know this because my Instagram and Twitter accounts remind me with friendly notifications, but STILL, for whatever reason,  I find a way to stall.

It wasn’t until I received this monthly newsletter

this shout-out from Daughter

and this awesome clarification of just how rare my rare actually is ??

YEP. Stepped out of Excuse Land, I did.

There are ♥ 16 ♥ more days in the month of January. I’ll be using an hour within one of mine to get back into my ♥ 56 ♥ groove and I hope these sentences have convinced you to begin, to continue, TO DO

& I promise me, I promise you, Versiti, you’ll see this arm again soon.