What If ? ♥ ?

What If ? ♥ ?

You want something to cry about ? I’ll give you something to cry about ! were the heat of the moment exclamations issued waaaaaay back, when words were enough to stop.

Just. STOP.

And repeating in my head, they are, because I feel as if the universe is trying desperately to teach a very important lesson, and while a whole bunch of humans are listening and understanding and following through, there are some who don’t or won’t or can’t or …

& why, I wonder. WHY ?

Family and I followed CDC recommendations as we gathered for Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve 2021, where all were fully vaccinated and the majority, boostered. And to be back as we were before Covid-19 = absolutely everything we hoped it would be.

And I thank our common sense stars as I tally just who caught a dose of  cold/flu symptoms after each event. Like dominoes, we are taking our turns at my throat hurts or I think I’ve caught the sniffles, feeling downright crummy for a few, honkin’ the nose for what seems like an eternity and staying far from others because why in the world would we wish someone else this experience too … ?

And this is the spot where I get stuck in I. DON’T. GET. IT.

I just don’t get it.

And I mean no offense to those with strong, anti convictions. I’m simply trying to understand. I mean, no one wants to get sick, right ?? It disrupts everything when one is experiencing lousy, sooooo ? And if you honestly don’t mind the icky, sicky-ness of it all ?? that’s swell for you, but what about your son or daughter or father or mother or sister or brother or cousin or niece or nephew or auntie or uncle or partner or boyfriend or girlfriend or pal or coworker or grandma or grandpa or grand-baby or neighbor or … ?? WHY would you even think about placing harm onto another person’s path ?

As I type, I hear Husband in the background, coughing a congested cough and for a guy who has been through the ringer a few times, it’s not a pleasant sound. And I wish someone would calmly and coherently explain their reasoning as to why they’d refuse a vaccine.

You want something to cry about ?? I’ll give you something to cry about !  our universe determinedly repeats as in my heart, I BIG HUG my !! together again for the holidays !! peeps

and wonder, DANG, Covid,

what if ? ♥ ?

And When



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